Winston-Salem SWPPPs

Client: City of Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

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Services provided in this project:


JEWELL Engineering performed this multi-phase project to reduce stormwater pollution from municipal operations and City-owned properties. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) were developed for numerous facilities during this project. Except in a few specific cases, these SWPPPs are not mandatory and were prepared as the City’s approach to meeting NPDES Good Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention requirements. The completed documents will be used by facility staff to comprehensively guide the implementation of each facility’s stormwater pollution reduction program through a process of training, inspections, outfall monitoring, spill response and other effective measures.

Phase 1 - SWPPPs for five City-owned operations including two wastewater treatment plants, fleet services, sanitation department, and streets division sites.

Phase 2 - SWPPPs for nine City-owned properties including the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds and Education Building, Bowman Gray Stadium, Utilities and Construction Maintenance Division, Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum and Annex, Central Warehouse, Recreation and Parks Main Warehouse, and Benton Convention Center.

Phase 3 - SWPPPs for city-owned recreation centers and swimming pools. A pool-water pre-release evaluation process was developed for the pools in order to effectively manage pool discharges.