Village Point Lake

Client: Village of Clemmons, NC

Village Point Lake

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Village Point Lake was an existing lake within a 124-acre tract in the Village of Clemmons being developed as a commercial and institutional site with a hospital, school and various other commercial and institutional facilities. The developer restored the dam and donated the 8-acre lake and surrounding buffer area to the Village. The lake had accumulated large amounts of sediment over time and the Village wanted to establish a minimum 4-foot lake depth and also develop forebays to protect the lake from future sedimentation and facilitate cost-efficient sediment removal.

JEWELL developed a grading plan for the sediment removal and construction of the forebays and littoral shelves. A Nationwide permit approval (CWA 404) was obtained from the Corps and a water quality certification (CWA 401) from NC DWQ. Initial plans were developed before the lake was drained. Ten-foot wide littoral shelf areas were incorporated into the plan in order to mitigate the wetland impacts associated with the forebay construction and as a vegetative barrier to deter geese. A littoral shelf also enhances water quality by providing filtration and uptake of pollutants.

The Village has installed a fishing pier and plans to construct walking trails around the lake in the buffer area to further facilitate recreational use.