Hominy Swamp Stormwater Master Plan

Client: City of Wilson, NC

Hominy Swamp Stormwater Master Plan

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Services provided in this project:


The City of Wilson desired to improve drainage, resolve flooding problems, and improve watershed management in the Hominy Swamp watershed. JEWELL Engineering Consultants was the primary study consultant and was assisted by Woolpert, Inc. and Bartlett Engineering and Surveying.

This 14.9 square mile watershed drains the central portion of the City and most of the central business district. The project studied about 19.8 miles of streams and modeled 42 significant road crossings and 4 railroad crossings. Survey data was gathered on 150 individual structures so that flood impact analyses could be performed. Preparation of the Hominy Swamp Master Plan involved a number of activities ranging from collection of rainfall and field data, to preparation of hydrologic and hydraulic models, to recommendation of flood mitigation alternatives, to reporting the study findings in a two-document report.

The study evaluated 51 problem sites where flooding impacted 54 structures within the 100-year floodplain. Thirty-one improvement alternatives were evaluated at 20 sites, resulting in detailed analysis and recommendation of four projects.

JEWELL is currently designing the first flood reduction project identified in the Hominy Swamp Stormwater Master Plan.