Hickory Stormwater Management Program

Client: City of Hickory, NC

Hickory Stormwater Management Program

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Services provided in this project:


In the initial phase of this work, JEWELL Engineering performed an analysis of the City’s Stormwater Management efforts and prepared an Action Plan for development of a formal Stormwater Management Program. The project identified a number of options and recommended the use of a facilitated Stormwater Advisory Committee (SWAC) to review program options and make recommendations to City Council for the implementation of the Stormwater Program.

In the second phase of the work, JEWELL worked with the City to move forward with program development using a SWAC to provide citizen input into the process. Over a 12 month time span, JEWELL met with the SWAC on a monthly basis to educate the committee members on various aspects of stormwater management and to develop a consensus of program elements and levels of service appropriate for the City of Hickory. The final result was a set of program element recommendations and an implementation strategy. In addition to monthly meetings and associated topical information/presentations, JEWELL initiated and maintained a project website so that SWAC members and interested citizens could access all documents and information pertaining to the project. The program is currently on hold awaiting better economic times.