Forsyth Country Club Project

Client: Forsyth Country Club, Winston-Salem, NC

Forsyth Country Club

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Services provided in this project:


JEWELL Engineering performed detailed water surface profile modeling of the existing stream system and proposed stream crossing using HEC-RAS models to characterize the impacts of the proposed crossing. The currently effective model was in the older HEC-2 program and this was converted to HEC-RAS for the project. Numerous errors in the original model had to be corrected so that this analysis would accurately depict the impacts of the proposed maintenance road crossing. To meet City of Winston-Salem requirements that the project not cause Base Flood elevations in the area to rise more than a half foot, the crossing was designed for minimal impact to the stream and for the crossing to be overtopped in larger storm events. Also, to meet State environmental requirements, a low sill was placed at the entrance to one culvert that helps concentrate low flows into the other culvert. Once design was complete, a CLOMR application was prepared, submitted to FEMA and approved to allow construction of the project.

Following construction, the completed project was surveyed and a post construction HEC-RAS model prepared to demonstrate that the project in fact performed as proposed in the CLOMR analysis. This work culminated in a LOMR permit application that was submitted and approved by the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program, which by this time had taken over responsibility for floodplain mapping in North Carolina. JEWELL also prepared, submitted for approval, and obtained Water Quality Certification (CWA Sect. 401) and Wetland (CWA Sect. 404) permits for this project.