Forest Hills Drive Drainage Improvements

Client: City of Fayetteville, NC

Forest Hills Drive

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Services provided in this project:


The hydraulically inter-dependent nature of the flooding problems in the previously studied Spruce Street to Forest Hills Drive stream reach dictates that as the downstream-most crossing, Forest Hills Drive should be upgraded first in the series. Having performed the initial analysis of the system as a whole, JEWELL Engineering was contracted to perform detailed analysis and design and to prepare construction drawings and specifications for a replacement culvert/ stream daylighting system at Forest Hills Drive.

The former culvert system consisted of three 36-inch RCPs under Forest Hills Drive that transitioned to a single 64-inch by 52-inch CMPA which carried flow from the street about 200 feet through a vacant lot to a discharge point at a natural channel leading to Little Cross Creek.

Numerous utilities are present at the site, including sanitary sewer lines, water lines, power, and others. JEWELL designed a double barrel 12’ wide by 3’ high pre-cast concrete box culvert system with precast endwalls to carry the crossing at Forest Hills Drive. A natural open channel discharging to Little Cross Creek was designed to replace the CMPA downstream of the street. A riprap/gabion lined stilling basin was designed to transition flow from the box culvert barrels into the new channel. JEWELL designed a number of utility relocations to accommodate the new culvert and channel. Documentation to obtain State and Federal erosion and sediment control, water quality, and wetland permits was prepared and successfully processed. Project construction was completed in 2013.