Eastwood Lake Restoration and Dam Repairs

Client: Lake Forest Association, Inc.

Eastwood Lake

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Services provided in this project:


JEWELL Engineering Consultants worked for the Lake Forest Association on the Eastwood Lake Project through several phases stretching over nearly a decade. This 48-acre lake located in Chapel Hill, NC was constructed in 1937 by impounding Booker Creek with a stone masonry dam. Over the years, the lake has collected sediment to the point where the recreational values were disappearing. The initial project was to drain the lake and remove approximately 71,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment to restore a minimum nominal 5-foot depth throughout the lake. Additionally, forebays were constructed on each of the two primary tributaries as a means to trap future sediments and provide a convenient means for periodic removal without draining the lake.

Following lake restoration, JEWELL designed and oversaw reconstruction of the existing stone masonry dam spillway to seal leaks and restore a stable spillway crest. This work also included construction of a new, staged, pipe lake drain system to allow incremental lowering of the lake for maintenance purposes.

In addition to design and preparation of construction documents, all of this work required numerous permits including CWA 401 Water Quality Certification, CWA 404 Wetlands Permit, Dam Safety Permit, Erosion and Sediment Control Permits, and various local permits, for which JEWELL prepared applications and obtained the permits.

Eight years following its original construction, JEWELL was again hired to prepare permit applications to perform the first cleanout of the Booker Creek forebay. This effort restored the forebay to a condition that will provide years of additional protection against sedimentation in the lake.