Century Park Lake Dam

Client: Town of Kernersville, NC

Century Park Lake Dam

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Services provided in this project:


Century Park Dam, a privately owned structure was declared unsafe by the State of North Carolina Dam Safety because of failing culverts which served as primary outlet and emergency spillway. This condition endangered Century Park Boulevard which crossed the dam. The dam is classified high-hazard by virtue of the crossing road.

JEWELL performed hydrologic analyses of the Century Park Lake watershed and used that information in the design of the remediation. Because Century Park Boulevard crosses the dam, it was necessary to design the outlet system for the dam as a single structure that provides lake level control, lake drain capability, primary spillway capacity, and emergency spillway capacity. The in-lake riser is a cast-in-place concrete structure that has a lake drain valve incorporated in the base. The riser is topped by a unique trash rack that has an expanded, underwater skirt which preserves flow-through capacity in the case of top clogging. The single barrel extending through the embankment is a 66-inch ductile iron pipe with mechanically stabilized joints. The foundation soils beneath the riser and barrel were poor and additional excavation and placement of engineered fill was required. JEWELL obtained plan approval from NC Dam Safety in addition to environmental permits for erosion and sediment control, wetlands and water quality certification.

Plans and specifications were prepared for regulatory review and construction. During construction, JEWELL provided on-site inspection, review, and certification.