News - Jordan Lake Rules Implementation – Pittsboro, NC

Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons

December 3, 2012 – Over the past couple of years the State of North Carolina has introduced regulations designed to reduce the impacts of excess nutrients, specifically nitrogen and phosphorus, into Jordan Lake to control algal growth and other nutrient related water quality problems. The current nutrient reduction measures are unique in that they go beyond previous strategies in requiring all local governments in the watershed to implement new development permitting requirements.

JEWELL has been working with the Town of Pittsboro this year to develop a Stormwater Program for New Development. This program includes an implementation timeline, an ordinance, a best management practice (BMP) inspection and maintenance program, various administrative forms, a nutrient loading accounting tool and numerous other documents. Pittsboro’s Stormwater Program for New Development was approved by the Environmental Management Commission (EMC) at their September 2012 meeting. The Town is in the midst of hiring a Town Engineer who will be responsible for Program administration and has elected to postpone implementation of the Program until July 2013.


Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons, NC

JEWELL also assisted the Town with completion of its Annual Report to the State regarding its progress on the Stage One Adaptive Management Program for Existing Development. The Adaptive Management Program requires the Town to educate the public on nutrient loading, map the major components of their stormwater system, identify and remove illicit discharges, ensure maintenance of BMPs and identify BMP retrofits. JEWELL researched the prior year’s activities, compiled the report and developed a list of future opportunities the Town can use to guide Program activities. The Town submitted the Annual Report in October 2012.