News - Clemmons Stormwater Utility 2012 Master Account File Update

Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons

July 20, 2012 - In 2005, JEWELL Engineering Consultants supported the Village of Clemmons in the development and implementation of a Stormwater Utility and Service Fee to fund the Village’s Stormwater Management Program. Since its inception, the Utility has generated approximately $3,600,000 that has been used to fund the Stormwater Program, perform maintenance on the stormwater drainage system, and construct stormwater capital improvements. Integral to the continued success of this Utility is an up-to-date and accurate database (Master Account File) of billing information. For 2012, this database included the billing information for 7730 properties located within the jurisdiction of the Village.

Over the course of each year, many properties are developed, change hands, are subdivided, or are combined, all of which must be accounted for in the Master Account File. JEWELL provides annual support to the Village to incorporate these changes into the Master Account File (MAF) so that accurate and complete billing for stormwater fees can be accomplished. This work entails obtaining and analyzing data from the Village in the form of impervious area changes on individual properties, and from Forsyth County in the form of property ownership transfers, subdivisions and combinations. Kathy Landphair, JEWELL GIS Analyst, performs these functions and provides the updated MAF to Forsyth County for incorporation into the tax billing system and provides documentation supporting the MAF to the Village for reference and historical record.