News - Village Point Lake Sediment Removal/Forebay and Littoral Shelf Construction

November 1, 2011 - JEWELL Engineering Consultants recently completed this important lake restoration project for the Village of Clemmons, NC. Village Point Lake was an existing lake within a 124-acre site in the Village chosen for development of a hospital facility and various other commercial and institutional uses. The developer offered to donate the 8-acre lake and surrounding buffer area to the Village. The lake had accumulated large amounts of sediment over time and the Village wanted to establish a minimum 4-foot lake depth and also develop forebays to protect the lake from future sedimentation and facilitate cost-efficient sediment removal.

Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons
Construction of Village Point Lake forebay
with weir and adjacent equipment pad to
facilitate future sediment removal

JEWELL developed a grading plan for the sediment removal and construction of the forebays and littoral shelves. A Nationwide permit approval was obtained from the Corps and a water quality certification from NC DWQ. Contractor payment for excavation was based on the difference between pre-project and post-project topographic surveys, both taken while the lake was empty. Initial plans were developed before the lake was drained. Ten-foot wide littoral shelf areas were incorporated into the plan in order to mitigate the wetland impacts associated with the forebay construction and as a vegetative barrier to deter geese. A littoral shelf also enhances water quality by providing filtration and uptake of pollutants. When the pre-project topography indicated that banks in some areas were too steep to allow for benching in a littoral shelf, revisions were required in order to reduce the wetland impacts such that they would not exceed the littoral shelf area that could be developed.

The contractor used mud mats of railroad ties to enable crews to navigate the very mucky lake bottom. A wet spring and summer made it even more challenging to remove the sediment. The grading was completed in April 2011 and the littoral shelf planting was done in October 2011. The Village has installed a fishing pier and plans to construct walking trails around the lake in the buffer area to further facilitate recreational use.


Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons, NC
Village Point Lake and Fishing Pier

Upon project completion, Village of Clemmons Public Works Director, Larry Kirby, expressed his appreciation to JEWELL project engineer Cindy Lancaster and the entire construction team. Mr. Kirby stated that, "Our Engineer was always there when we needed her and her plans were well done and easy to work from." He added, "Now the thing that Mr.Looper (Village Manager) and the council will be most proud of, you all brought the project in under bid. No over runs, is that not the greatest thing that can be said, 1st TIME AND UNDER BUDGET."