News - Culvert Replacement Completed at Roquemore Road, Clemmons, NC

Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons
Village Stormwater Advisory Board


July 7, 2010 - Construction of a replacement culvert under Roquemore Road in Clemmons, NC was recently completed and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on July 7, 2010. The failing 66" x 96" corrugated metal pipe (CMP) under Roquemore Road, was removed and replaced with a double box 8.0' wide by 5.0' high concrete culvert. The project is located in a developed residential area, surrounded by numerous active utilities that required very careful positioning of the culvert and tedious, cautious excavation, especially around a large sanitary force main that could not be relocated. Ground water was also present in the area and had to be considered for present and future impacts to the culvert.


Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons, NC
Pre-Cast Culvert Installation

Larry Kirby, Clemmons Public Works Director, who maintained a project presence throughout, communicated with the contractor, engineer and local residents to ensure that the complex project was completed in a smooth, efficient manner. Lakey Backhoe Services was the contractor for the project and performed the excavation and installation in a timely and professional manner. Betty Farr, PE, JEWELL Engineering Consultants, designed the project, handled bidding, and performed construction inspection/oversight for the project.


Roquemore Road culvert in Clemmons
Completed Project


As-built information provided by the City/County Utilities Department had indicated the presence of an 8-inch gravity sanitary sewer and an 18-inch sanitary force main near the location of the proposed culvert. During excavation, the sanitary force main was discovered to be seven feet closer than anticipated and positioned directly under the proposed culvert. This condition required some modifications to the site layout in order to reduce potential damage to the force main during installation of the precast concrete culvert sections.

Near the end of construction during headwall and wingwall installation, a severe thunderstorm dropped over 3 inches of rain in an hour on the upstream watershed, putting the new culvert to a severe test and flooding some areas of Clemmons. The culvert and upstream segmental block headwall/wingwalls installation had just been completed, but survived the high flows and performed flawlessly. Construction of this successful project was completed in about 3 1/2 months, well within the allowed time and budget.